Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pixel Wars

Pixel Wars by Stoyan PetrovSlug Gunner (the robot) is created by SNK Playmore
and featured in the game "Metal Slug 5".
All rights to this character belong to the respective Copyright owners.
The tiger is
© Stoyan Petrov.


flaviano said...

no, no, wait!! first i wanna know who Bamboo Kid is? i really really like it!

Tooninator said...

DUDE!!! I love your blog!!! as usual. PLEASE post more often

Stoyan Petrov said...

@Flavi - I don't really know, mate... It began as a mindless doodling session in Alias Sketchbook that started to live its own life once I got it colored... =)

@Matthew - Thanks, buddy! =) I kinda abandoned this blog this past few months. But anyway, the hibernation is over and I'm back! (At least I think so...)