Monday, December 10, 2007

Blackboard Chronicles

The Simpsons characters are created by Matt Groening.
All rights belong to the respective copyright owners.

Textures by CGTextures.


bog_art said...

I think I will have to do a blackboard with the same message... good job!!..

Miroslav Dimitrov said...



Нямам думи, много добри неща. Искам да постнеш още обаче...давай смело!
Ще посещавам блог-а ти често.


Stoyan Petrov said...

Thank you very much, guys! S.

Jeff Carillo said...

I like how you still captured the essence of Bart Simpson yet drawing him in your own style. Good Work!

Stoyan Petrov said...

Thank you, Jeff! I'm glad you pointed that out, because that was my goal with this one...

Happy 2008! =)